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News from the Caribbean as of Monday July 12, 2010

BVI physicians reminded to comply with practice requirements

Thursday, December 14, 2006

ROAD TOWN, BVI: Physicians in the British Virgin Islands are being reminded to comply with requirements for practicing medicine and dentistry under sections 10, 11 and 18 of the Medical Act, 2000.

Chairperson of the BVI Medical and Dental Council Dr June Samuel says that a number of infractions were recorded by the Council over the course of 2006.

Dr Samual said active registrations through the Council are necessary for practicing medicine and dentistry in the BVI.

She said in addition, non-belonger physicians engaging in private practice must have an up-to-date grant of approval from the Minister for Health and the Minister must also grant permission for the non-belonger physician to take on a new or additional contract at a new location. 'These are the requirements by law," she said.

Dr Samuel said the Council will soon be putting forward recommended amendments to the Medical Act for the Minister’s consideration and these recommendations, among other things, would introduce a licensing process for physicians and establish a specialist register.

The revisions are intended to increase efficiency and relevant background checks as is required under the Act, Dr Samuel said.

Currently, 82 doctors are registered in the BVI to practice medicine and seven to practice dentistry. There have been 17 new registrations and 28 re-registrations from January 2006 to present. Four applications were denied.

The Council also conducted one investigation into a complaint received from a patient in reference to a registered physician during 2006.

BVI Medical and Dental Council ready to investigate any negligence

Published on Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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ROAD TOWN, BVI: The Medical and Dental Council in the British Virgin Islands is ready to fully investigate any complaint made by the public about a practitioner’s practice.

Chairperson of the Council Dr Ronald Georges says one of the functions of the council, through the Medical and Dental Act 2000, is to look into negligence in the care received from a medical practitioner.

Georges’ comments come as part of an effort to educate the public about the role and responsibilities of the Medical and Dental Council.

“The council provides the public an opportunity to present any complaint in writing about a practicing physician so it can be investigated and if deemed necessary, disciplinary actions can be carried out,” Georges said.

The chairperson added, “We are concerned about any issue within the practice of a physician or a dentist that could put a patient or the community at risk. Therefore, it is important that such cases be brought to the attention of the council and be properly investigated. We would need assistance from the public in this effort.”

All complaints should be made in writing and addressed to the Registrar, Medical and Dental Council in care of Ministry of Health and Social Development, Central Administration Building. Appropriately addressed complaints are fully investigated by the council.

Georges said that in any investigation, the council reserves the right to request additional information for verification. The investigation may take between four to six weeks and will not begin until all documents are submitted.

He said the Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council is also responsible for the integrity of the Medical and Dental Register which includes the full names of all practicing medical or dental practitioners, the registered qualifications, year of qualifications, and year of registration.

Georges said new registrants, re-licensees, and those removed from the register are published in the Virgin Islands Official Gazette.

The current constitution of the Council is Dr Ronald Georges (Chairman), Dr Irad Potter (Registrar), Dr Hubert O’Neal (Member), and Dr Mitchell Penn (Member). The Council meets monthly to consider all matters mandated for the council.


LIME Presents iPhones to BVI´s Three Newly Licensed Doctors

Press Release

Published: September 09, 2011 6:20 pm AST

Dr. Brandon Frett presented with iPhone by LIME GM Sean Auguste

Photo Credit: LIME

LIME, the BVI´s leading full service telecoms provider, continues to lead the way in the promotion of community engagement by once again making their presence felt within BVI´s medical profession.

Considered one of the nation´s leading mobile provider, LIME on Thursday evening, during the induction ceremony hosted by the BVI Medical and Dental Council, presented to each of BVI´s newly licensed physicians, Dr. Monique Creque, Dr. Brandon Frett and Dr. Martha Rameriz, with LIME´s latest technologically advance smartphones - the iPhone 4. Each also received free, three months service plans for their iPhones.

LIME´s iPhone offers the doctors access to applications to suit their medical needs, with access to the most current medical resources, the top 5 places in which to get the latest medical news, infectious disease treatment guide, high resolution disease images and much more!

General Manager of LIME, Sean Auguste, who provided brief remarks and made the presentation to the three doctors, said LIME´s involvement in the community, in particular, the health profession, is as strong as the company´s 44 year legacy in the BVI and 140 years in the Caribbean. LIME recognizes the role technology plays to improve the quality of life.

"Partnering with the BVI Medical & Dental Council is another way in which LIME displays our commitment to the health & well-being of our community.

The initiative is a natural fit for LIME´s pillars of community involvement - connecting people, places, communities & societies in many positive ways - everyday."

Mr. Auguste closed his remarks by saying "We, at LIME, realize that what we do touches so many people in the BVI and across the Caribbean and will continue to lead the way in giving the BVI the most up-to-date telecoms that brings them closer to each other and to the rest of the world."

Holy Cross Hospital & BVI Medical and Dental Council

CME  September 2012

The BVI Medical and Dental Association, (in conjunction with the BVI Medical and Dental Council, Oncology Referral Network of America and Hyperion Risk Solutions) welcomed renowned Orthopeadic surgeon Dr. William Leone to their quarterly meeting last Wednesday night.

Forty Five members of the BVI's medical fraternity listened in earnest as Dr. Leone, (the head of the Leone Center for Orthopedic Care at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale) presented on hip and knee replacement surgery as well as the latest medical techniques and instruments available to surgeons.


As a key member of the Holy Cross leadership team, Dr. Leone has garnered numerous honors and awards.  Most recently, he was featured in the New York Times as one of America's top doctors.

Dr Leone said of the evening “I met so many individuals who made me feel welcome and who seemed genuinely interested in my area of expertise. Uniformly I heard a desire to provide the best care for their patients and learn about the latest techniques and instruments to accomplish this. My hope is that I can be an extension of their care”

The BVI Medical and Dental Council assess both medical training programs and also international medical graduates who wish to practice Medicine and Dentistry in the Virgin Islands.  The Council registers medical practitioners and is tasked with the maintenance of professional standards in the medical profession, whilst also keeping the BVI Government abreast on the recognition of medical specialties.

Whilst the Association meets quarterly to discuss developments in the medical community, the training exercise which gave participants credits towards their continued professional education and licensing, was coordinated by Oncology Referral Network of America, (ORNOA for short) and Hyperion Risk Solutions, a BVI-based insurance broking firm. 

ORNOA, a “patient navigation” company, was established to satisfy the need to assist international patients seeking care that they may not be able to access in their community or home country.  They then ensure the patient’s experience of accessing that care is of a high standard and work to ease the process of transition from their home country to the treatment table and beyond.

Maria Freed, Managing Partner of ORNOA spoke of her pleasure at how the event went. “I was delighted to see so many colleagues taking time from their busy schedule to spend time to meet Dr. Leone. Medical education is an important component to clinical excellence, and the night served to prove how much we can share and learn from each other for the betterment of patients”.

Martin Cooke, of Hyperion gave further insight into why the seminar was staged. “These events are an important networking and information gathering resource for the physicians providing care to the residents of the BVI.  They help create an invaluable knowledge network that expands the referral options for care relating to BVI patients. The various initiatives include the introductions of advanced techniques that not only significantly improve a patient’s quality of life; they can often reduce the long term financial health care burden”

Whilst in the BVI, Dr. Leone also spent time visiting a number of facilities, and discussing Orthopeadic surgery in greater depth with the BVI specialists.

The BVI Medical and Dental Association, ORNOA and Hyperion Risk Solutions look forward to being able to organize similar workshops with different specialties in the forthcoming months.